Explained Series

Explained Series is a joint effort of Ram Puniyani, a noted author and activists and Sharad Sharma, a cartoonist and founder of grassroots comics movement.The duo came together to present most crucial issues of the society in most simplest and edutainment manner. The Explained Series was started in 2010 with the publication of their first joint book"Communalism Explained: a graphic account". A series of launch, seminars and grassroots comics workshops were organized in different parts of the country to sensitize masses on the issue of communal politics and stereotypes prevalent against the minority.The second book in the series was "Terrorism Explained: a graphic account".

Communalism Explained

This book is a broad overview of the phenomenon of communalism and terrorism, which has gripped the country and other parts of the World. It takes up the theme in a question- answer format and is enriched by the graphics, which supplement the text. The narrative begins with the demolition of Babri Mosque on 6th December 1992, goes on to the horrific violence,which followed the Babri demolition and tries to understand the forces, which instigate and sustain this violence.

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Terrorism Explained

Terrorism has been a very major phenomenon disturbing the peace of the planet today. While acts of terror have been recorded in recent history from last several centuries, this phenomenon has come to prominence from the ghastly tragedy of 9/11 2001. With this, the American media popularized the word Islamic terrorism, and worldwide this propaganda against Islam and Muslims picked up. Al Qaeda, a product of US policies to control of oil wealth in West Asia, has been the major tormentor of people and its worst victims have been people of India and Pakistan.

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Godman Politics

Religion is an ensemble of various phenomenon, Moral values, rituals, holy books, traditions, places of worship, priestly class, saints etc. India has seen a long tradition of different phenomenon coming up and playing diverse roles. While clergy stood with power, the saints of religious traditions stood with the toiling masses. The book traces the religious traditions in India and their impact of social and political life.India has seen the mushrooming of Godmen from last three decades. These are in various hues and color, with a vast following.

Audio-Visual Book of Communalism Explained

Audio-Visual Book of Terrorism Explained